Android Downloads: 5,000,000+ It features monster-catching, recruitable characters and massive story content. You also get chests here that you can use to obtain more characters and badges. Well, they have similar enough gameplay and enhancement routes for their characters. Go to Google Play or Apple App Store – A simple enough jaunt to Google Play or Apple App Store should do the trick. I got through the tutorial and did 2 gacha pulls, (5* unit 3%), and got 2 of the rate up 5* so I feel pretty comfortable without rerolling. Orientation: Landscape. Honorable mention to Kings Raid. All 5 of Riley’s emotions are in the game. Last but not the least, the Fate/Grand Order. Android Downloads: 50,000,000+ Disney Twisted Wonderland is a Japanese battle rhythm game created by Disney and Aniplex. #tdi_107_1a6 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item1 { These eight gacha games should serve you well for now. Its unique in that you can just buy the heroes you want directly rather than having to roll for them and the grind comes from upgrading loot. Want Elsa to fight Mulan? In addition to this, they have to level up said characters, and it might need to prioritize which characters to level up. Plot-wise, the game is about the Kingdom of Alberia. The game is initially made in Korea, but got a global version back in 2018. But if you want to collect Fire Emblem Characters instead of Disney and Pixar Characters, then Fire Emblem Heroes is the way to go. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is a strategic brawling RPG where players use a squad of Disney and Pixar characters. There’s also more than enough quite challenging modes, so if you are serious about the game, you will get rewarded! Easy enough to look for. However, the main difference is the fact that you need to build 3 different teams and pit them against other player’s 3 teams. background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; I do suggest that you try it out, and have a few spare hours to get deeper into it, it’s going to be worth it! As before though, there are some good rewards to be had. One of the best things about this game is the fact that there are a lot of characters in it. }, Release Date: January 30, 2018 (Korea) | July 3, 2018 (Philippines) | July 24, 2018 (Japan) | October 23, 2018 (Taiwan) | November 27, 2018 (Worldwide) Of course, there’s more elements that remind of other gacha games than MMOs, but there’s still many things that make GrandChase unique. There’s no “useless heroes” in BrownDust, fodder units are clearly marked so, and there’s hiddent (or obvious) potential in all the heroes in the game. This is the survival mode of the game. This is where you can get started on Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. Android Rating: 4.3 (154K+) They joined the console market... Estimating the population of an MMO game is a daunting task, and publishers are not willing to share their numbers on these matters. Now, on the other side of the pond, let’s talk about something that’s also Disney’s IP, Marvel Strike Force. Most of these games are also available on other gaming devices you may own apart from Android, for example, you should be able to play Dragalia lost and Epic Seven on your Nintendo device.. Have you heard about Google Stadia? Orientation: Landscape, Download: AppStore (iOS) | Google Play (Android) | PC (Bluestacks). Fate: Grand Order, is probably the gacha game that has the most loyal playerbase ever! Player modes, where character levels and team compositions are key. Android Downloads: 5,000,000+ Get those you want and screw the rest. Overall, the main draw of the game is the character roster and the fact that you can put these characters on any kind of team. The term, gacha, refers to vending machines which dispense capsule toys; it derives from the Japanese onomatopoeia, gasha, the sound of a crank on a toy vending machine and pon, the sound of the toy capsule dropping.1 There is a possibility that multiple items may be drawn from gachas. Unfortunately so far... MOBAs or multiplayer online battle arenas have been all the rage recently, all thanks to their immersive nature and rather straightforward gameplay. I don’t necessarily disagree with your point of view, but there’s not any gacha games without any pay to win mechanics. These can range from Gold and Diamond Crates to the Guild Crates that you can get from guild related stuff. Here’s how: The game has several things going for it that might make it worthwhile for players. Just look for a player with said character and fight him. Gacha games are everywhere at this point, and it’s a coin flip to find something that the player enjoys playing. After all, they have a similar thing of “Everyone’s Here!” to them. I mean, there’s a bunny version of Grima, the big bad of Fire Emblem Awakening. Your job is to beat back the various threats that threaten Askr and look for a way home. The Heist game mode is quite honestly the most boring and monotonous in the game. ★ Choose from four battle modes: Story, Training, Tower, and Shadows of Corruption MINI GAMES ★ Play fun mini-games such as Usagi vs Neko or Mascot Whack! Not all hope is lost though, since you can install QooApp either on your Android phone or PC mobile emulator, and you’ll be able to play FGO, as well as a wealth of other Asia or NA exclusives. Inside Out Characters: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. Gacha games are going through their most popular phase, so we decided to create the ultimate list of the best hero collector RPGs on iOS & Android mobile phones. Developer: KOG Studios For those not in the know, some games sell VIP Tiers on their in-game shops. It features an RPG combat and a host of your favorite Pixar and Disney superheroes. The game’s leveling system is based on collectible badges and character ranks. background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; Do note though that Arena is a team mode so you have to build a team to fight in the Arena specifically. #tdi_108_afc .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item2 { Agreed! }, Release Date: February 26, 2019 (Worldwide) you should try them . In these SF games, you can entirely play the game without ever having to pull the gacha which is why gacha gamers who like that RNG high from pulling tend to not like SF games. As they play the game, they will eventually obtain more characters. Android Downloads: 5,000,000+ Epic Seven has taken the world by storm, and it’s only natural since it offers an irresistible gameplay experience for gacha-fans! It’s also nice to have a “fast clear” option for stages you’ve cleared before, since you can rush dailies & mindless grind, and focus on progressing through the game. You play as an ordinary man who got transported to Askr, a nation under siege by the Emblian Empire. A great example is a game Disney Heroes. Each team consists of 6 ships & 3 submarines, while most stages will require you to bring 2 teams with you. Of course money will help you progress faster, but a bit more grind is enough to let you keep up the pace – and keep in mind that you are not limited by an energy system here. background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; Summoner’s War is the most downloaded gacha game with 50,000,000+ downloads, and probably one of the first hero collector games too! Theres’ a lot of events going on at any time, so you definitely won’t run out of things to do, and there’s always more milestones to reach! background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; Last week, Disney and Japanese developer XFLAG announced a new mobile title, Star Smash. #tdi_98_660 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item1 { The F2P model is also quite fair, since you are able to accumulate Gems easily, and use them as you see fit. Gacha games are video games that implement the gacha (toy vending machine) mechanic. Similar to loot boxes, gacha games induce players to spend in-game currency to receive a random virtual item. There are some pretty cool rewards for getting through harder and harder runs on City Watch though. The combat is pure Action RPG style, with each team consisting of 3 superheroes, which you use one by one in the fights. It’s a simple system and a pretty fun one as you have several familiar faces in … , #tdi_103_a60 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item1 { That doesn’t mean it needs a huge time sink though, and there’s too much going on with the game to ignore it. If you want to play Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, you can usually download it on Google Play or Apple App Store. Capt. Unfortunately for him, he has to do so to investigate the weakening of the Kingdom’s Sacred Shard. } The entirety of the Incredibles: This moment that Elastigirl and Mr. Android Rating: 4.7 (1.1M+) background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; If you’re going for it, then select OK and download the game. If you're a die-hard fan of Role-playing games, be it from Japan or the West, it gets difficult to find what to play when... Calamity Trigger introduced the BlazBlue franchise to the world, and did so in a groundbreaking way! }, Release Date: April 9, 2019 (China) | June 21, 2019 (Worldwide) Games that try to force you to pay hundreds of $$ for fast progression (by implementing energy/shards/duplicates, etc you know their p2w systems) cannot be good for gaming. But it’s grindy nature will let you progress with as much free time as you have – it’s almost impossible to “finish” all your energy, PvP tickets etc. I'm pretty bad at English, but I can still read your comments if you speak English.enjoy your viewing! The squad-based theme of the game is where the strategy element is more apparent. #tdi_100_0b0 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item2 { Jun 13, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by •GachaGirl25• . Combat wise, there’s a whole difference when compared to Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. I also got 2 dupes of one, this game works similarly to Pokemon Masters where dupes automatically power up the original … Publisher: Lilith Games Most of these games are free-to-play mobile games, where the gacha serves as an incentive to spend real-world money.. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Judging DSA in the gacha game genre is like judging Myst versus Counterstrike together. And that’s important, since getting these 5-stars is going to be very, very hard, so you will either way have to work & invest on your “lesser” units too. Watching your favorite team playing is the most satisfying thing about Football. Better check out our list of the best Gacha games and the best Marvel Strike Force teams. If you’re the type of person that prefers to focus on a single game, there’s a high probability you’ll fall in love with it! I’m sure it will get a place in this list in due time! Instead, they have to obtain embers that they can use to level them to certain level caps. }, Release Date: October 22, 2015 (Japan) | June 30, 2016 (Worldwide) These can range from Robin and Chrom from Awakening to Marth from OG Fire Emblem, Ike from Path of Radiance. AFK Arena holds the title of the best full idle RPG at the moment! Both Google's & Apple's app stores offer a ton of different RPG games, to cater all playstyles and themes. The combat system is a bit “too-JRPG”, making it slow and repetitive, but hopefully there’s a few mechanics to let you breeze through the easier battles without having to micromanage. So is it just flash? You only have one thing to do: build a team and then survive a gauntlet of enemies. background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; Consider this list 99% perfect and accurate, since... Wraith is the second most picked legend in the game, she utilizes a fast moving tactical that allows her to stepInto The Void, escape... We all have that one friend that is into anything that has to do with zombies. Orientation: Landscape. In Azur Lane, there’s a unique “Shoot’em-Up” style combat, which fits the genre perfectly, since the bigger part of your strategy lies in your team composition, and the choices you make before the battle. #tdi_99_ad3 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item1 { background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; #tdi_98_660 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item2 { Incredible appeared in the game is the moment that you should see that this is also a Pixar crossover. Android Rating: 4.6 (788K+) There’s a lot of activities to take part in the game, and it’s far more “active” & rewarding than Idle Heroes for example, but it’s still one of these games that you’re better off checking for a few minutes during the day, trying your chance at clearing a few higher stages, and gathering the loot your heroes have been grinding while you were away. The game’s main character is the 7th-in-line to the throne. Attention! Orientation: Landscape, Monster Super League is hands-down the best “Pokemon-like” game I could ever want from a mobile game! They might add in Woody and Buzz Lightyear together because they synchronize perfectly. And if they aren’t there yet, well they’re probably going to be added in later. Android Downloads: 1,000,000+ This means you can play it on your smartphones without paying a dime. Special Craft Essences can also be added in to give special effects to the characters, as well as improving their stats. There just seems to be a lot of room to add more robust systems to SINoALICE. You name a Fire Emblem Character; they’re probably in the game, alongside several seasonal and alternate versions of them. Jack Sparrow: The most famous pirate to sail the 7 seas. Orientation: Portrait. The only thing you can do is tap them to use their special abilities. background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; But other than that, this game mode’s incredibly boring. background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; It’s a simple system and a pretty fun one as you have several familiar faces in the game that we’re going to look at later. They attack enemies automatically, the tank attacks, et cetera. Publisher: Netmarble Games There’s not a huge variety in battle modes, but progression is hard and rewarding, and there’s just too many different things to day every day (just the daily quests are a bit of a “chore” actually, you’ll need at least 40 minutes to clear all of them), and there’s many cool features like having your own home for your girls, which you can decorate with limited event furniture – oh and events are frequent, and awesome! No takebacks, they’re adorable. What’s even better, is that you are able to grind evolution materials through the main battle modes, so your heroes’ progression might be “grind-locked”, but at least it’s not “daily-locked”, so you can push your team to the limits if that’s your playstyle. Developer: Lilith Games Now, this means that both FEH and Disney Heroes: Battle Arena isn’t that much different from the other. And depending on your luck, you can get characters from these crates. It has a pretty nifty 2D animated art style that mimics live 2D tech. The royal family of Alberia makes pacts with dragons to protect both their kingdom and their sovereignty. So, team-building and character levels are key. You can use all of your characters, but when they die, they die. #tdi_104_daa .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item1 { #tdi_99_ad3 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item2 { There’s quite a lot going on with your battle strategies too, since there’s too many powerful combos you can create, and even your heroes’ position on the battlefield will have a crucial role in the battle result. background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; }, Release Date: April, 2017 (Korea) | March, 2018 (Japan) | August, 2018 (SEA) | March 7, 2019 (EU) No! I gotta say though that the game’s dailies are far too grindy – you might need more than 60 minutes for a “fast clear”, so it is a bit of a chore, but quite rewarding as well. background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; Developer: Netmarble Games There’s really no more you should know about it, other than that you’ll be collecting ALL of Final Fantasy’s heroes through many games and timelines, making for the most massive hero collection you can imagine. It’s obvious that you didn’t read the single comment of the article. It’s always great to see mobile games following their own art direction, and not just re-using assets, but Lyn has taken this to a whole other level, offering something truly one of a kind! Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is a mobile fighter with some adventure and gacha elements. You know the kind – you literally have zero input during battles, and most of the gameplay revolves around gearing up your team, which is going to take a long, long time, especially if you aim to be free 2 play. This is thanks to the rise in popularity of Genshin Impact. There’s a lot of strategy going into fights, with many synergies you can achieve, as well as quite varied builds you can follow for your monsters. } The place to go for daily resource grinding. Epic Seven is kinda, sorta, a more recent Gacha RPG when compared to the other Gacha RPG’s on this list. #tdi_103_a60 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item2 { Today we are doing an article about the top 10 first-person shooters for low-end PCs. #tdi_100_0b0 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item1 { To combat them, Askr’s Order of Heroes summoned you, who also has the same power. Marvel Future Fight is one of the 4 Marvel gacha games (along with Contest of Champions, Battle Lines & Strike Force), and for sure the best! At the very least, the game has fun ways to regain stamina to play more in the form of a swiping minigame. Gacha games are more popular than ever, with massive franchises “popping” in each corner – Disney, Looney Tunes, Star Wars, Marvel – everyone wants a piece of the gacha pie! This means that those players can’t get the highest tier of rewards on the PvP modes unless they too submit and get a VIP Tier. It’s too similar with Summoners War, but without the frustrating parts! Publisher: Shangai Yostar (Japan, EU & NA), XD Global (Korea), Bilibili (China) Sadly (and for no reason at all), it’s the only game in this list, that is not officially available in Europe. Android Rating: 4.5 (85K+) So there’s one more reason it’s an.. eye candy! Its probably the most popular after FGO, Summoners War and Epic Seven or at least it was as it used to be recommended on Reddit all the time as being more F2P Friendly. Each character has specific badges that players use to get them up a rank. You can’t heal in-between battles, you can bring healers, but no healing other than that. As we’ve all known by now, Disney Heroes: Battle Mode isn’t the only Gacha RPG out there, and it definitely won’t be the last. In terms of how they’ve played, they’re pretty similar. Developer: SUPERCREATIVE Corp. Mickey Mouse: What? background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; And some things that are not so good that will annoy players. The Coliseum is similar enough to the Arena Game Mode. Publisher: NEXON #tdi_106_a3f .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item1 { } Last but not least, it’s worth noting that Destiny Child has the most impressive graphics I’ve personally seen in a gacha game, the 3D models are truly alive and extremely crisp. What’s more, there’s a strong emphasis in PvP, and it’s done right! If you combine all these factors with the game’s massive population, then you’re in for a great mobile gaming experience, that’s been going strong for years. }, Release Date: April 30, 2015 (Worldwide) your own Pins on Pinterest The list with positives goes on with Azur Lane, since it’s one of the few hero collectors, where you can actually enjoy collecting all these heroes! Simple, and clean. Android Rating: 4.6 (256K+) Enter the bold and competitive world of the Sorcerer where every choice you make determines your legacy. You can still play the game though, there are many ways to go about it! GrandChase: Dimensional Chaser, is the mobile adaptation of the famous 2D side-scroller MMORPG with the same name! However, they do have tons of rewards, so it might be worth it. Now, the main difference between Dragalia Lost and Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is in their gameplay. Or well, that’s what he claims to everyone he meets. Should’ve been King’s Raid up there instead of that overrated predatory dumpster fire, RAID. I made Disney Princesses in Gachaverse / Gacha Studio! Other than that, though, you also need to level your characters by fighting enemies in the game. Disney Sorcerer’s Arena is the ultimate Turn-Based RPG with Real-Time PvP. Enter the bold and competitive world of the Sorcerer where every choice you make determines your legacy. } Exvius is a special game, since apart from “classic gacha mechanics”, there’s also a lot of JRPG features, like actually walking in towns, talking with NPCs, physically entering item shops, side quests etc. And the developers and Type-Moon didn’t expect that the game would be this popular. Android Downloads: 1,000,000+ Lyn: The Lightbringer can freely boast about its unique aesthetics & character design! They’re pretty similar in some aspects. background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; The rest of the players that want to stay Free-to-Play endure incredible grinds just to get by and level their characters. #tdi_108_afc .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item1 { So if you are looking for the highest population & competition, then definitely you want to take a look at SW. It makes sense, since the story is quite deep and engaging, there is no form of AFK gameplay, and it takes a lot of though (and grind) to progress through the game. 10 Best Cell Phone Reception Booster For Your Mobile, Fossil Gen 5 Review Top Features Prices and Specifications, 20 Best Writing Apps for iOS and Android That Writers Need to Have, Best Fixes When iPhone Says No Service (100% Tested & Proven), 10 Best Math Apps You Need To Solve Your Math Problems, How to Add, Remove, and Customize iPhone Widgets, How To Transfer WhatsApp Messages From Android To iPhone, 20 Best Room Escape Mobile Games For Android And iOS, Fortnite Guns: The Best Weapons to Use on Mobile, 10 Best DS Emulators to Play Nintendo Games on Android, Fossil Gen 5 Review: Top Features, Prices, and Specifications, Total Wireless Review: Phone Plans, Prices, and Coverage, Fallout Shelter Tips, Tricks, and Cheats Beginners Should Know, How To Create Instagram Filters: A Beginner’s Guide, Best Lightning Cable Buying Guide For Apple Devices, Best Phone Speakers for Audiophiles and Movie Streamers. That’s both hilarious and ridiculous. i think you should put seven knights, heir of light, or summoners war. Every game mode you play has a chance to drop a crate. And now the prince is left with the task of finding out how it happened. background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; The video game company with the highest number of titles on the list is Tencent, which publishes and/or owns eleven games on the list, including four in the top ten. background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; Android Downloads: 500,000+ Publisher: Aniplex So, if you want the best loot, you gotta be the best in the Colosseum! Your mission is to gather a team of fighters to save your favorite Disney and Pixar heroes. There’s also a rewards system based on player rankings. There are many different races heroes belong at – from orcs to dark elves – so you’re bound to discover your favorite, and make a team you are proud of! Developer: Shift Up GACHA AND BATTLE ★ Gacha over 180 units to use in battle! You got summoned into Askr, and you take control of the Order of Heroes. background: url( 0 0 no-repeat; #tdi_107_1a6 .td-doubleSlider-2 .td-item2 { Publisher: Four Thirty Three Android Downloads: 1,000,000+ I’m sure you’ve already encountered AFK Arena’s advertisements somewhere, since they’re everywhere! In F/GO, the player has a lot more agency in what the Servants do in battle. Sometimes, these final Ascension arts are lewd, but that’s the draw of the game. What’s a Gacha RPG without an Arena, eh? This, if you’re one that wants a bit of flair into their game would curtail quite a bit of enjoyment out of it. Their top-grossing mobile game is Honor of Kings (2015), also known as Arena of Valor internationally, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that is the second highest-grossing title on the list. You get enough free currency from dailies and event rewards that you can get pretty much everything you need without paying a dime as long as you’re smart with when you choose to summon and don’t have terrible luck. Android Rating: 4.7 (92K+) To either debuff, damage the enemy, or buff allies. MMOs, CCGs, RPGs and many more, Steam-addict & achievement-w***e. Currently wasting life on. Azur Lane undoubtedly owns two important titles among gacha games – being the least-P2W hero collector globally, while also being the best waifu collector! Android Downloads: 5,000,000+ Publisher: Square Enix It's the first fighting game that blended so... Castle Nathria opened to players last month. Players collect a team of Disney characters and use them to … } It’s actually part of the original “top 23 gacha games” list, but it didn’t make it in the first cut. Brave Nine (previously known as BrownDust) hasn’t been out for long, but it has managed to build a quite loyal playerbase, since it offers a unique strategy aspect to the tried & true “hero collector” gameplay, by putting way more emphasis into team lineups and synergies, as well as being able to bring out 9 heroes (or even more in other modes) on your team, making it such more meaningful than its competitors.
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