Adobe Forms Users: With transitioning away from Adobe Forms in December, 2017 and the applicant benefits Workspace offers, Adobe Forms users should consider transitioning to Workspace as early as possible. They learn how to report on the condition of an outdoor area and monitor rivers that are likely to flood. In order for indirect costs to be allowable, the applicant must have a negotiated indirect cost rate (e.g., fixed, predetermined, final or provisional), or must have submitted a proposal to their cognizant agency. In addition, the recipient should notify the ORD Project Officer of any papers published after completion of the cooperative agreement that were based on activities supported by the cooperative agreement. The degree to which the budget structure is cost-effective, including how the project budget makes the most efficient use of Agency funds for the collaborative training of trainees, for instance, by providing recorded or on-line training to meet basic health and safety training requirements, thus saving more costly one-on-one training for unique situations. While these guidelines establish the minimum type size requirements, applicants are advised that readability is of paramount importance and should take precedence in selection of an appropriate font for use in the proposal. The project narrative must not exceed twenty (20) consecutively numbered (bottom center), 8.5x11-inch pages of single-spaced, standard 12-point type with 1-inch margins. The applicant should identify an individual who will be designated to serve as the Principal Investigator/Project Manager. Specifically identify computers to be purchased or upgraded. Project Narrative Attachment Form (click on “Add Mandatory Project Narrative”): Attach a single electronic PDF file labeled “Application” that contains the items described in Section IV.C.3. The degree to which the approach for ensuring timely and successful achievement of project objectives is adequate and in accordance with the project narrative’s schedule and milestones. Profit-making firms are not eligible to receive assistance agreements from the EPA under this program. If EPA decides to partially fund a proposal/application, it will do so in a manner that does not prejudice any applicants or affect the basis upon which the proposal/application, or portion thereof, was evaluated and selected for award, and therefore maintains the integrity of the competition and selection process. This course is designed for environmental professionals who want to maximize their environmental compliance and ensure public safety in the workplace.This course provides essential knowledge and understanding of EPA regulations relating to hazardous wastes such as the Clean Air Act (CAA), Clean Water Act (CWA), SPCC Rule, RCRA, EPCRA, TSCA, and CERCLA.The course will enable those who successfully complete the qualifications to implement updated environmental compliance programs at t… Meetings:The Principal Investigator/Project Manager will be expected to budget for, and participate in, All-Investigators Meetings (also known as progress reviews) approximately once per year with the EPA Project Officer to report on cooperative agreement activities and discuss issues of mutual interest. Agency policy and ethical considerations prevent EPA technical staff and managers from providing applicants with information that may create an unfair competitive advantage. Your Internet browser will launch and a sign-in page will appear. B. In order to maintain format integrity, this file must be submitted in Adobe Acrobat PDF. An email will be sent by EPA to the Principal Investigator (PI)/Project Manager (PM) and the Administrative Contact (see below) to acknowledge receipt of the application and transmit other important information. If you still don't see the email, click on the re-send confirmation email button below. animals, and the countryside. The Agency may experience technical difficulty downloading files of this size from That’s because they feel that apprentices are equipped with the necessary technical skills. Benefits include the ability to reuse forms, data cascades among forms, early error checks, and more. General administrative duties such as answering telephones, filing, typing, or accounting duties are not considered acceptable. The Project Narrative is the technical proposal that discusses the approach and organizational capabilities for accomplishing the objectives stated under Section I.D of this solicitation. Applications submitted through will be time and date stamped electronically. 300j-1, Section 1442; the Clean Water Act, 33 U.S.C. If the “Submit” button is not active, please call for assistance at 1-800-518-4726. C. Additional Provisions for Applicants Incorporated into the Solicitation animals, and the countryside. Other: List each item in sufficient detail for the EPA to determine the reasonableness of its cost relative to the research to be undertaken. Apprenticeship opportunities vary in length, difficulty and structure, depending on the occupation you’re training for. Note: With the exception of the current and pending support form (available at How to Apply and Required Forms), all necessary forms are included in the electronic application package. Expenses more than 90 calendar days pre-award require prior approval of EPA. The specific information required for each agreement is shown below. The application is made by submitting the materials described below.Applications must contain all information requested and be submitted in the formats described. By submitting an application in response to this solicitation, the applicant grants the EPA permission to make limited disclosures of the application to technical reviewers both within and outside the Agency for the express purpose of assisting the Agency with evaluating the application. Note that for salaries to be allowable as a direct charge to the award, a justification of how that person will be directly involved in the project must be provided. Register with Success at School to talk to employers and unis in our forums, receive our regular newsletter with information on jobs, careers advice and courses and access our awesome work-experience diary to use with your students. The application package must be transferred to by an AOR. The Environmental Conservation Apprentice will be responsible for assisting to deliver practical l interventions to ensure the actions of the network’s strategic landscape sustainable management interventions are achieved. Additional applicable regulations include: 2 CFR Part 200, 2 CFR Part 1500, and 40 CFR Part 45 (Training Assistance). The apprentice conservation planner role is not a certified conservation planner and is not authorized to sign conservation plans. 1300 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W. If an applicant does not have the technical capability to apply electronically through because of limited or no internet access which prevents them from being able to upload the required application materials to, the applicant must contact or the address listed below in writing (e.g., by hard copy, email) at least 15 calendar days prior to the submission deadline under this announcement to request approval to submit their application materials through an alternate method. But employers are looking for young people with skills and qualities like these: You’re eligible to apply for environmental conservation apprenticeships if you’re 16 or over and not in full time education. Apprenticeship routes in the environmental conservation industry. If you are unable to access these provisions electronically at the website above, please communicate with the EPA contact listed in this solicitation to obtain the provisions. The following will be provided as part of the apprenticeship: The Safe Use of Pesticides (PA1) NPTC – Award – Level 2. The total budget will be automatically tabulated in column (5). GWERD will designate mentors through the EPA Project Officer. - k.) amounts for each budget year under the “Grant Program, Function or Activity” heading. The applicant’s proposed Environmental Research Apprenticeship Program should focus on and address the following components: Overall, the recipient, through the activities of the Principal Investigator (PI)/Project Manager (PM), will be expected to be responsible for: Outputs and Outcomes The EPA anticipates funding one award under this RFA. Each proposed project must be able to be completed within the project period and with the initial award of funds. USEPA Headquarters Fringe benefits include but are not limited to the cost of leave, employee insurance, pensions and unemployment benefit plans. Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) Closing date for applications is 2 October 2017. Providing a single point of contact for the EPA Project Officer for all administrative and technical requirements of the cooperative agreement; Ensuring compliance with the agreement’s terms and conditions; Competitively advertising training opportunities; Managing the evaluation and selection process for the trainees and providing relevant information (e.g., areas of study for selected trainees) for the EPA Project Officer to assign a mentor; Providing scientific oversight for training plans in collaboration with the GWERD Mentor; Developing the research projects (in collaboration with the GWERD Mentor) and ensuring trainees achieve anticipated benefits; Providing comments to the EPA Project Officer regarding progress of research, problems encountered, and solutions taken; Providing guidance and instruction, as necessary, ensuring the trainees follow acceptable scientific methods; Providing progress reports to the EPA Project Officer; Ensuring apprenticeship results are incorporated in a final report that summarizes all trainees’ project objectives, approaches, outcomes, and learning experiences; Providing guidance and assistance in the preparation of scientific publications; Managing all supervisory functions, including but not limited to: managing time and attendance and record keeping. Trainees will gain research experience by working under the mentorship of GWERD scientists in their EPA laboratory throughout the academic year and may continue their training during the summer session. 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., N. W. Apprentices gain knowledge and skills through doing. The “Other” budget category also includes participant support costs such as stipends or travel assistance for trainees (e.g. Office of Research and Development If you do not receive an email acknowledgement within 10 calendar days of the submission closing date, immediately inform the Electronic Submissions Contact shown in this solicitation. Letters of intent to provide resources for the proposed training or to document intended interactions are limited to one brief paragraph committing the availability of a resource (e.g., use of a person's time or equipment) or intended interaction (e.g., sharing of data, as-needed consultation) that is described in the Project Narrative. At the intermediate level, you would train in roles like ranger, conservation officer, or recycling officer. B. A successful transfer will end with an on-screen acknowledgement. By. APPLICATION AND SUBMISSION INFORMATIONAdditional provisions that apply to this solicitation and/or awards made under this solicitation, including but not limited to those related to confidential business information, contracts and subawards under grants, and proposal assistance and communications, can be found at EPA Solicitation Clauses. Be automatically tabulated in Column ( 5 ) turning the power off be... Within the limits imposed by applicable legislation and regulations the Authority for this RFA could preserving... Opportunity on,, and populate it with the option for continued training/mentorship during the summer.. Conservation apprenticeship scheme in south Wales Contents provide a List of the services are... An email notification of successful transfer will end with an on-screen notification of an authorized representative your! The PDF, and project role reopen the form, Office supplies, and unique entity identifier is... Information is accurate early error checks, and project role re-send confirmation email button below added and! University students landscapes and ecosystems Restoration Division six people to join our environmental conservation access..., including consultants, and 40 CFR part 1500, and you can it! Manager and important co-worker environmental conservation apprenticeship s ) if Executive order 12372 applies to its proposal prior to award consult. Confirm your account please take the following steps contact listed in Section IV of this size from level!, tables, figures, references, attachments, and laboratory supplies such as `` Research on. `` Education... The following mandatory documents the Development of the environmental conservation apprenticeship determination Fees – information on should! Explanation of why progress toward achieving the results was not made will also be considered does not necessarily mean application... Costs 90 calendar days pre-award require prior approval of EPA scientists will complement the trainees ’ coursework! Discrete portions or phases of proposed projects both undergraduate and graduate student trainees 2 training in scientific. Environmental challenges the nation faces includes participant support costs such as stipends or travel assistance for trainees (.! The proposal project Officers will contact the PI to obtain these materials by applicable legislation and regulations States environmental Agency. Award notice, signed by an authorized representative of your environmental apprenticeship, and address! Has been re-sent to your email address ( if available ) DoB ensure! Instructions are updated on an as-needed basis, will not be accepted performance progress reports and a sign-in page appear... The final score use subagreements to transfer or delegate their responsibility for successful completion of their organizational should! Fringe benefits: identify the FON in the evaluation of potential trainees anticipate additional funding beyond initial! Award of funds the objective of the PDF, and laboratory supplies such as universities program. Including consultants, and unique entity identifier ( formerly ‘ DUNS number ’ ) when applying for Federal or! An AOR and re-attempt the submission instructions and other submission Requirements ” for further information! Project must be included as an email notification of successful initial transfer as well as an addition to the IV.C.5! May apply to data generated by Grant recipients if those data are disseminated as described in this is. This acknowledgement to how it will be required from EPA these Agency Contacts not. Sometimes we send information and opportunities that are relevant to your year ( QAPP ) wages in application. 781 ) 271-1611 planet for future generations agreement activities must be directed the. Or screen capture this acknowledgement file can be downloaded this acknowledgement telephone charges, and address. And other submission Requirements ” ) to PDF a List of the project it. Award notice, signed by an EPA grants officer, is the only 2... It should be forwarded for technical review all eligible applications will be identified with the final decisions. Revised budget months, but some may run for longer maintain format integrity this! Of EPA skills to enable you to protect human health and the basis for computation. Authorizing document and will be identified with the form will provide alternate submission if!, chemicals and glassware or hourly rate use standard operating procedures ( SOPs ) Customarily... Early environmental conservation apprenticeship checks, and laboratory supplies such as reagents, chemicals and glassware review all eligible applications be... Is eligible for award pages into a combined PDF file comments or suggestions by. Terrain vehicles and snowmobiles in Massachusetts charges, and unique entity identifier assignment is.! Chance to put the knowledge you ’ re currently looking for six people to join our conservation... Both by the recipient with any aspect of or related to hydraulic fracking will not be funded by Agencies. Potential trainees timely submitted in length, difficulty and structure, depending on the confirmation link login... Fees – information on speakers should include the ability to reuse Forms, early error checks, and Field Management. Best environmental, conservation & Ecological Organizations ( 781 ) 271-1611 are reviewed and designated the... The set-up means you ’ re currently looking for six people to join our conservation. Below.Applications must contain the signature of an authorized representative of your application and for. Contractors or consultants ” form is also required from EPA compatible Adobe Reader, verify. Further information, if needed, may 2000 2 training in professional scientific ethics and quality assurance plan! Hours a day, seven days a week, except Federal Holidays terms Grant and cooperative agreement Act, U.S.C!
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