Use FLY BY to get to Giant and take the ship northwest until you reach an island with two towns, a mountain, and some snow. Heal up and talk to Dram when you are ready to fight. This boss likes to cast STORM 2 a lot. Next go north and cross the second bridge to reach the exit. Next you have to follow another long path that turns south and pass through another silver door. Yup, another maze. Approach the door and you will be treated to a very in informative bit of dialogue. David will also join you and you can switch parties by hitting B and selecting the swap command. Stuck in this game? Walk north and follow the path as it hooks east, then enter the door. Take the ladder that’s a few steps to the east. ; Baleful Polymorph - One of the heroes is turned into a lion, and actually travels … Follow the path and you’ll come to a chest with a BRKNMOON in it. Exit the Algos by going down the steps and walk north. Ryu of Kustera waits in the northeastern most house, make sure you talk to him and answer “yes” to get him to join the Kustera party (I spoke to him with Ray). You may want to be at least level 22 before entering this place, which shouldn’t be a problem for Aqutallion, since they do the most dungeoneering. Cody will become human again and join you. Make sure you hit the weapon shop in the northeast part of town and buy everyone a pair of SPDSHOES (which are superior to most of the footwear in this game since they add 4 points to speed). : Level 1 puts up a shield that will reflect bolt, bomb, fire, and freeze. This small cave features a pit and a ladder. Finally, while I am responsible for annotating and creating a legend for the lower and upper world maps, I did not create the actual images, which are from VGmaps, an excellent resource to which I owe a debt of gratitude. Upon leaving Sonya’s house, you’ll find yourself on Heart Island. As usual have Tina cast FAST 3 frequently and have Tina cast MIRROR 1 right away, which seems to deter Booth from casting his BOMB spell (don’t count on it though). It’s wise to level up both parties a bit before challenging this dungeon. This is a long walk indeed. Drop down the hole to the east, then head north and get on the telepad. What you use will be more dependant on who is in your party, so this list is less specific. You will see a thin section in the wall, stand in front of it, open your inventory, and use the bomb. The game is broken into 7 parts to make the walkthrough easier for the reader (and myself) to use, since Secret of the Stars is a fairly long game by the standards of its time and even those of today. Cross the bridge, walk south and open the chest to get a Telepo. Climb the steps to the north to return to the hub. Cure-A: Level 1 cures poison, Level 2 cures illness, Level 3 cures mute. The only thing to do here is hop on the next set of steps leading up. You’ll crash land in a building that is strangely unaffected by the explosion. Go east through the small cave after taking the gold barrier down. Pad 3 takes you to Pad 4, etc etc. •Secrets •Shopping Lists • ... Now you can know if it's worth it to drag in your Kustera for those out-of-the-way chests. Level 3 buffs entire party. You can also cast MUTE to prevent him from casting COMA, but this seems to prompt the boss to use a lightning attack that hits everyone more  frequently. Give the switch a push and leave. Enter the silver door to the south and keep going until you get to another silver door. Dram has a sizable HP pool, decent physical defense, and can strike the same character twice in a turn. The northeastern house has 200g sitting in a pot, the southeastern house is an armor shop*, the southwestern building is an inn/item shop, and Uncle Save along with a MAGBRANCH are in the northwestern building. The Star Shrine is north of Beegees next to the bay. Levels 2 and 3 hit all enemies. Approach the door and you will be treated to a very in informative bit of dialogue. With the defeat of Clay, the Aqutallion party will get a nifty cutscene and Dan will rank up automatically. Level 3 can put a group of foes to sleep. The farmer will give you some more Plum-Plum if you say “yes” when he asks you a question. Step on the tile inside the building and you will be transported to Steeler Lab. Take either door to enter the castle. This place is fairly large, but you will find the exit by climbing down and to the left, then following the passage to the right. Go through the gold door and follow the path until you reach a gold door with a switch nearby. Now is a good time to get her some gear, particularly a QUICKROBE and a YO-YO. Go southwest to find another chest containing a MOON DROP. Go to the temple and give the moai to Murray, who will then join you. As usual, feel free to explore a bit. This boss can put out some damage with BOLT 2, STORM 3, and FREEZE 3. The wall will be destroyed in the explosion and you can now explore the rich part of town. Recommended Purchases: The EAGLEARMOR not only boasts strong defense, but also increases the wearer’s speed. A few houses have sprung up in Old Hill now that you have an architect and some residents. Northwest of Winds lies a cabin on a narrow strip of land. Secret of the Stars Map Download: TSotSmaps.7z. Magic won’t work on him, but you can heal yourself, so do so when necessary. Be sure to rest up at the Brasca in before venturing in here so your party is at their best. Booth is the greatest challenge you have faced thus far. You can’t do much here once all of the treasure is cleared out, so walk back out or better yet use the RAT TAIL to warp out. Jill: Go to Decatas, enter the hospital and talk to the nurse. It’s also wise to bring along some CALM HERBS to cure Dazed and Mute. From Old Hill take the ship north, then west until you come across a snowy island. You can complete the Star Shrines (some of which we visited earlier) before Onaska and in any order you choose. You can also refer to the map included with this guide in Section 1. You should keep your Kustera well equipped for the final leg of the journey, however, as they will have to help with the bio bosses in Jeep. In fact there’s some new stuff and you can visit Dynamite to get a VIT-PLUM. It’s wise to be level 23+ in this fight. Go back down the ladder, then head west and climb the last ladder you see. Continue through the corridor as it turns east and pick up the CROWN. In 1993, Tecmo decided to try their hand at the whole RPG thing. Follow it east, then north to find a RESTORE, then head back to the pool and take the southern path. Next head south and take the corridor that leads east. The DRESS also boosts speed. Level 2 will reduce damage from “creation” spells to caster (IE create snowstorm, blow gas), level 3 shields entire party from creation spells. : Levels 1 & 2 increase Ray’s luck x2 and may cure an ally, level 3 will remove any magical effects from the party, double Ray’s luck, and can revive fallen party members. Arithree waits for you in the warehouse, talk to him and…he’ll join you (did you expect a fight?). Enemy names like Badbad and Catboo, while clearly demanding some attention to the bizarre nature of this game, are just written off as kind of a "whatever" apathy. Once Jubei is finished, he will join you as Kustera. Hit the switch and return to the entrance of Dram’s Lair (casting FLEE will save you some time). Enter it to move on. ANGLEHATS and LNGBOOTS are good for both characters. The item shop sells RESTORES, which can be quite useful. If you know cheat codes, secrets, hints, glitches or other level guides for this game that can help others leveling up, then please Submit your Cheats and share your insights and experience with other gamers. Buy Leona a QUICKROBE and a YO-YO in Decatas. Cody is the best choice to have equip your new sword. 4. Step on the tiles inside for some info and head back out. This makes her highly effective against the Galudas and Dragoons that infest this area. There’s a chest with some BREAD and a switch you can push in here; push the switch and exit the room. Do not enter, it will just take you back to an area you explored already. Return to the poor part of Decatas and enter the center building in the row of homes to the north. Go down the stairs in the southwestern end of the room with the chest. Several Kusteras are found throughout the game that are not normally obtained through the main story. Attack magic doesn’t work very well on him, but you can reduce his speed and defense with SLOW. This room merely contains a chest that holds a CHAINMALE. All you need to do here is walk east a bit and climb the stairs. You should have no problem if your average party level is 16 or greater. Upon entering the shrine, you can heal up by stepping on the gold plate with Kustera and enter the Star Palace via the silver plate. At level 23 or greater, Leona should have enough defense to render Clay’s attacks ineffective, so this battle should be easy either way. Yup, this guy is literally undead. Go down the steps to the west after using the tile. Another tiny room with a set of stairs to the east. Return to the stairs leading back up and go back to the green barrier. If things start to get dodgy, use FAST 2 and heal up when needed. Debuff him with SLOW, have Dan cast BOMB and REGAIN (if you have it), and let the others beat on him. Evelyn, a Kustera is in the building next to where Uncle Save is staying, talk to her and she’ll join. After speaking to Dram, a strange thing will happen: everyone in town will vanish and you’ll find yourself in a vast desert that has countless Lagoons scattered about. Check out the house in the northeast corner to find a QUICKROBE in a chest of drawers. Follow this pathway and you’ll find yourself to the south of Sidon now. For some reason, the FLEE spell does not work here. Bomb: Deals explosive damage to all enemies, power increases with spell level. These special recruits perform useful services that will make your quest easier. Leona has nothing to fear if she possesses the mighty DISCARMAR. Go down the steps to enter the lab. Your email address will not be published. Feel free to enter and grab the RAT TAIL and RESTORE from the shelves inside, but avoid going downstairs; if you do venture downstairs and talk to Baz, the giant, Golan, will attack. You can also give your Kustera more rare items like REDHOODS, but only if you are lucky enough to get enough of such items to equip Aqutallion first. Have Ray, Cody, and Dan put on the BUNNYSUITS before you talk to the guards and they will let you in. Gonta sells some powerful equipment. Make sure you are using Aqutallion when you try to enter the well. Go east through the small cave after taking the gold barrier down. Talk to Kaja and he’ll give you 2000g and move out of your way. After going back up the stairs, head east and go down the steps, then walk south and open the chest for a MOON DROP. Go north from the steps to get yet another ASPIRIN, then head south and follow the next path you see until you come to stairs leading down. Go down the steps and you will come upon a room with an old man, a bed, a bookcase, and some machinery. Heal up and make sure Tina, Ray, and Dan have full or nearly full MP. The weapon shop sells powerful stuff, but you really don’t need any of it. Secret of the Stars: Description: You are a young boy named Ray, who lives with his foster-father in a small country house on an island. Go through the door to the west to get the BOLTSWRD. Our work here is done, so let’s press onward. Talk to Booth when you are ready. Just walk a few paces south from Beegees and you’ll see the cave. Be sure to get the MOON DROP near Pad 6. Dynamite will show you a secret room in the shrine. Make sure you have Ray equip the gloves and heal him up, since he has to fight Andy one on one. You can’t see the entrance to the shrine on the map, but it’s there. Higher spell levels increase success rate. Heal up and approach Gara for the next battle. Andy waits at the northern end of the tent and he will tell you to come back with GLOVES if you have a different weapon equipped. There are several Kustera Members who cannot … Take the steps to the left, just like with the first shrine and hit A to take down the barrier. Talk to the man inside and he’ll ask you to defeat Jubei of Onsaka. Not all items are listed here. You may also want to have Tina cast SLOW on Booth to cut his defenses down a bit. Go through the door, hit the switch behind it, then return to the entrance and swap to Aqutallion. Talk to the woman in this house and she’ll tell you about BEN.
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