Cornered by Kallus and his men, Jarrus ignited his lightsaber and publicly revealed himself to be a Jedi, giving everyone time to escape. [8] Over time, he also found and collected spare lightsaber parts. When Zeb asked whether Rau was their prisoner, Kanan clarified that he was a "grumpy house guest." [82], At Ryder's hideout, Kanan and Ezra learnt that Ryder's cell was sabotaging vehicles produced at the Lothal Imperial factory. Despite Kanan's arguments, Rau refused to commit to fighting what he regarded as another losing war with the Jedi. However, Vader alone attacked with his TIE Advanced x1, causing extensive damage to Phoenix Squadron and the Phoenix Home, forcing Sato to abandon the ship.[54]. After Imperial forces attacked a rebel convoy near Teralov, Kanan and his fellow rebels attended a briefing chaired by Commander Sato. Despite the windy conditions, the salvage team led by Zeb managed to enter the cargo ship and open its outer doors to allow the Ghost to reach the ship. Hera summoned Fenn Rau and Sabine to inquire into the matter. [30], In the ensuing space battle, the rebels had to wait for Chopper to appear with the Ghost and, to their surprise, a small fleet. When Saw expressed dissatisfaction that they had not yet uncovered what the Empire was building on Geonosis, Kanan reassured him that they would eventually find out. [76], Later, Kanan and the other Spectres returned to Ryloth to deliver supplies to Cham, the leader of the Free Ryloth movement. [41], A speaker of Basic,[32] Jarrus also understood Binary[6] and Ithorese. However, Hera told Kanan that it was Gerrera talking, not him and assured him that they would do the right thing. They infiltrated the cyborg's private room, and later confronted him; the Count's cybernetics allowed them to uncover most of his plans. Kanan fought alongside Rau against several jumptroopers. After the raid, Jarrus, Syndulla, and Chopper found themselves under attack by Imperial TIE fighters. Hera assigned Sabine on an undercover mission to extricate the cadets. Then, Jarrus, consumed by the flames, passed away and became one with the Force.[4]. Before they did so, Bridger told him he thought they could trust the clones, but Jarrus told him of Order 66; however, Rex intervened and countered he and his fellow clones had removed their inhibitor chips and disobeyed the order. Kanan responded that Ursa was underestimating the woman her daughter had become. Dume watched as Sear leapt to his death, acknowledge Sear as his first kill. Jarrus and his comrades with Quarrie following the blockade run on Ibaar. After some initial animosity, Yeleb revealed how he had come to obtain the weapon, only for the Grand Inquisitor and his men to arrive at the village. The morning after their arrival, Billaba split the battalion into five squads to reconnoiter five canyons, with Dume accompanying Billaba. Chopper then electrocuted the droid and stole its clearance code. [13], During Thrawn's brief departure from the conflict, the Grand Admiral expressed discontent towards being drawn away from the conflict with Jarrus and the other rebels. It has never been played with. Free shipping. Kanan had the creatures attack Zarda, Hazlekk and their remaining stormtroopers. Nevertheless, the Imperial-provoked explosion on Cynda prompted him to take Expedient and ask Syndulla to retrieve Garson's team, who were on a work shift at the time—only to discover their demise. 1. They were promptly boarded by Commander Earll's forces, who intended to retrieve Senator Tural; they stunned Wren and Orrelios, and Earll herself took Bridger hostage. Following a struggle, Kanan and his rebel comrades with the exception of Zeb managed to flee aboard the Ghost into space. [19], As their signal was jammed (leaving them unable to contact the other squads), Billaba left Dume and other troopers to keep the Separatist forces occupied, while she located the Separatist's ship. [92], After their speeder was destroyed, they were then led by Jai Kell back to Old Jho's Pit Stop where there was an entrance to the sewers. Kanan met Hera at the planet Gorse and its moon Cynda and revealed himself to be a Jedi, instructed her to keep his secret approximately six years prior to the events of Star Wars Rebels. Kanan and his team landed in Capital City and rendezvoused with Ryder. [9] As they felt the slaughter of the Jedi throughout the Force, Dume and his master were confronted by the once-friendly clone troopers. … The rebels then followed the purrgil on their journey through hyperspace.[66]. Kanan, then-known as Caleb Dume, spent his early life on the planet Coruscant where he trained to one day become a Jedi Knight, later becoming the apprentice of Jedi Master Depa Billaba. While Chopper trusted Kallus, Ezra was suspicious. To get aboard the ship, Hera arranged for two rebel A-wing starfighters to attack their bomber. Saw accepted Kanan's terms. "[103], Never having made it past the rank of Padawan until years into Ezra's training,[16] Jarrus had little confidence in his skills as a Jedi and teacher. When Thrawn remarked about the fear on Kanan's face, the Jedi responded that the Grand Admiral should be afraid of the storm coming. Jarrus eventually met his death on Lothal around the year[3] of the Battle of Yavin, during the rescue of Hera Syndulla after Governor Arihnda Pryce ordered her walker to fire on the fuel pod they were on, sacrificing himself to allow his fellow rebels to escape. Kanan sensed Ezra's unease when his apprentice experienced a vision of Maul among them. (Indie Kanan Jarrus RP blog.) Their borrowing of Garson's bus, however, prompted Jarrus to chase after them. Stormtroopers flew after them, but Ezra and Sabine came to their rescue and shot down the Imperial pilots. This allowed the rebels to unload refuel the fighter carrier. Under Kanan's guidance, Ezra used the Force to levitate the Sith holocron from a chamber full of krykna. Using his lightsaber and an ancient Mandalorian weapon called the Darksaber, Ezra destroyed the altar and vanished the spirits. However, he was rescued by Kasmir and an IG-RM droid before long, and they escaped from Kaller aboard the Kasmiri and formed a partnership. Hera assigned Kanan and Ezra for the mission, reasoning that the Jedi had a better chance of success. Instead, he evades Maul’s strikes, and easily hurls the Zabrak into a chasm. A short time later, Ezra was knocked into the abyss below by laser fire. Your First Look at Kanan the Padawan – Exclusive! There are 16824 items in the Brickset database. During the meeting, Ursa chastised the Jedi for not "knowing" her daughter. [29] Unknown to Kanan, this rebel cell was actually part of larger rebel network that was fighting against the Galactic Empire. They, along with Myder, escaped the ship's destruction in one of its life pods. Content approaching. Despite their stormtrooper armor, Pryce knew that Kanan and Rex were infiltrators and ordered them to surrender. Upon arriving, the two were greeted by Maul. [112], In the LEGO Star Wars Rebels Movie Shorts, Jarrus, Orrelios, Syndulla and Wren were drinking in the Mos Eisley Cantina when Ezra Bridger called for a rescue. However, Ezra and Rex insisted on pressing on with the mission due to the latter's friendship with Saw. Rex tells a distrustful Jarrus that he didn't kill any Jedi. Kanan was blinded in a lightsaber battle against Maul on Malacore. Later, Kanan and his fellow rebels came to the aid of the purrgil when two TIE/mg Mining Guild starfighters strafed the herd. Le contenu que vous êtes sur le point d’afficher ne convient pas aux mineurs. [12], Although his death greatly affected his teammates, it had significant repercussions. £15.60. While the two were alone, Billaba told Dume she had been neglecting his training and the two went onto practicing Form III until nighttime. Ezra Bridger[1]Sabine Wren (lightsaber trainee)[14] Following their landing at Yavin 4's Great Temple, they were summoned by Mothma to a briefing. [1], As a youngling, Dume met Jedi Master Luminara Unduli once, remembering her as "brave, compassionate and disciplined." New Star Wars LEGO® Kanan Jarrus "Blind" Rebels Jedi Knight Minifigure 75170. [70], Kanan and his fellow rebels traveled back to the fleet only to find it under attack from Imperial forces under Admiral Kassius Konstantine, who gave orders that the Ghost not be allowed to reach the fighter carrier. Afterwards, they landed on Kaller, where he suggested to Kasmir that he and Kleeve work together, while he would go away. His emphasis on skills and discipline clashed with Sabine's free-spirited and improvised style of combat. By the end of the duel, Jarrus refused to fight any further and admitted that while he may not be able to protect Bridger forever, he would continue to do his best to train him. [14], Pleased with Sabine's progress, Kanan comforted Sabine by telling her that the Empire ruled through fear and that her family were in a prison of their own making. Kanan and the other rebels were present when Sabine repaired AP-5, who had been shot by an Imperial officer during the heist of the fighter carrier. Kanan and the other crew of the Ghost accompanied Ezra to Nixus Hub 218. Maul took advantage of the chaos to escape into hyperspace. So he had Dume take their place and told him to abandon his Jedi apparel. Kanan Jarrus Realizing the weapon's history and significance, Kanan requested a meeting with Fenn Rau, the former leader of the Protectors who had since joined the rebellion. [66], As the Ghost approached the gas refinery, Kanan and his fellow rebels realized that the purrgil were traveling to the same destination. During the meeting, the rebels learnt that a rebel agent known as Fulcrum had information of Imperial cadets from the elite Skystrike Academy who wanted to defect to the rebellion. Once in hyperspace, Kanan instructed Hera to rendezvous with them in deep space to avoid exposing the fleet to the Inquisitors. Kanan withdrew from his responsibilities in Hera's rebel cell and the Phoenix Squadron to meditate in the Force. Kanan was told to return after they freed Sabine's father. [82], When Thrawn ordered his subordinates to question the workers, Kanan and his apprentice slipped away with the help of Chopper, who staged a distraction. After Hondo sealed them into a container, Kanan and the Spectres took the Argora from Hondo. "[54][61] He was also known for humorous banter and for having "a thousand one-liners ready to go. To coin a phrase, he must let go of his conscious self, and act on instinct. [16] Dume managed to find an opening and escaped back to Kaller, where upon landing, he was confronted by Kasmir, who wanted nothing to do with him. However, Zeb told him that an Imperial light cruiser then arrived. After landing on the prison's landing platform, Jarrus along with Bridger, Wren, and Orrelios entered the prison complex. Before leaving, Jarrus tried to convince Azadi to fight the Empire, but when Azadi refused, Jarrus continued with their assignment. To comfort Bridger, he told him that his parents would always be with him. However, they were captured in a Separatist ray shield by several battle droids led by B1-268, who received orders to stun the prisoners. Before parting company with Sabine, Kanan told her that he would miss her and the two embraced. [26], Forced to hide his Force-sensitivity, Jarrus kept his lightsaber locked away and forsook the Jedi ways for a long time,[8] disguising himself as a freighter pilot, a bounty hunter, and a frontier ranger. During the meeting, Sabine suggested the Concord Dawn system, which was home to a Mandalorian colony known as the Mandalorian Protectors. Kanan managed to shoot down the first fighter while his apprentice Ezra shot down the second. [75], Kanan and Ezra returned to Atollon and traveled on a speeder bike to the lair of Bendu. Living on thanks to the sacrifice of his Master, Depa Billaba, on Kaller, he met the smuggler Janus Kasmir, who taught him how to survive as a fugitive. He still had scores to settle with the clones and Jedi and forced Kanan, Rex, and Ezra to participate in a simulated war match. Upon landing, Kanan and his fellow rebels headed to the fuel depot while Chopper stayed behind to guard the Ghost. If they refused, he threatened to kill their friends. The prank prompted the two to argue about discipline—for which Bridger sneaked with Wren, Chopper, and Orrelios on a mission—and to play a game of dejarik that Jarrus won just before they arrived and informed him about the two new Inquisitors sent to hunt them: the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother. Maul then led Kanan to the airlock. When the Imperial Interdictor and its escorts were destroyed in the ensuing explosion, the rebels managed to escape, and as a result of their joint mission, Jarrus had a newfound respect for Rex, who thanked the Jedi for rescuing him.[61]. When Kanan and his fellow rebels awoke, they realized that Cham had betrayed them. Kanan uses telekinesis to hold back an explosion. [95] Jarrus also demonstrated an affinity for influencing animals through the Force as he did with a loth-cat in one of Bridger's lessons, and later to control several fyrnocks alongside his apprentice. Kanan managed to use the Force to reason with the krykna and convince them that he and his apprentice were not threats. When Ezra thanked his master for saving him, Kanan replied that he would always come back and the two reconciled.[7]. $2.95 shipping. Fortunately for the two, General Coburn Sear ordered his troops to pull back to secure their ship, and Billaba managed to make them depart Kardoa. Hera dispatched Rau, Sabine, Ezra, and Chopper on a mission to the third moon of Concord Dawn to investigate. Kanan and the rest of the rebel fleet managed to flee there. Imperial troops had also been alerted to their arrival and arrested the refugees. Rau accepted Sabine's challenge since her clan was part of House Vizsla, which had sided with the Death Watch, the adversaries of the Protectors during the Clone Wars. Frustrated with Kanan's training methods, Sabine stormed off to regain her composure. Back in space, Kanan and his fellow rebels were pursued by several TIE fighters. Following Bridger and Sato's capture by the Imperial Interdictor in the Del Zennis system, the Ghost received Sato's distress call; Syndulla then decided that Jarrus and Captain Rex would infiltrate the Interdictor disguised as stormtroopers, with Chopper as company, while she and Phoenix Squadron would wait for their signal to help their escape. The two rebels also saw Rau conversing with an Imperial officer and informing him of his encounter with the rebels. After exercising Sabine, he found the possessed Kanan kneeling on top of the altar, which was bathed in a green light and covered with spirits. After reaching a large air shaft, Kanan contacted Hera with his comlink to warn her about the presence of operational battle droids. By concentrating, they used the Force and pushed two asteroids to impede Vez's passage and help Syndulla win the race. Hoping to obtain the parts from long-time "associate" Galus Vez's black-market operation, Jarrus and his team then met with the Besalisk. However, the voice sealed Graysom and Kanan in his quarters without his lightsaber. Thanks to Commander Sato, they received word that there had been a mass breakout from an Imperial prison on Lothal, and provided a list of prisoners. It features two eye slits, but no mouth; this is emblematic of where Kanan needs to be from this moment on. During the duel, Sabine shot Rau's blaster pistol out of his hand and triggered her explosives, destroying seven of the eight Fang fighters. Ezra and his team managed to convince the Squadron members Gooti Terez, Jonner Jin, and R3-A3 to evacuate but were forced to leave the captain Mart Mattin behind after he tried to attack Imperial forces under Admiral Konstantine. Kanan also reminded Ezra that it was important choose how to fight, not just what to fight for. Unimpressed with her combat skills, Kanan instructed Sabine to learn lightsaber strokes under Ezra's tutelage using sticks. The war room of a kyber crystal, Kanan and his team in... Piloted the Phantom, the rebels back to their rightful owner, Bail Organa Sabine followed Maul the! Capture by Imperial reinforcements arrived at the Jedi had a poor chance of victory and thus hesitated to train Bridger. Protected both the other rebels were short of funds and planned to sell them to work together, they MaDall. Afraid to have the Spectres, Jarrus and Bridger, Wren, the. Add Kanan Jarrus later attended a briefing with the Protectors ' Fang fighters to com! Use hostilities as a master and apprentice then managed to use the Force one of its pods! '' Kanan told Fenn that Sabine was troubled by her use of the,! After some consideration, Sabine suggested the Concord Dawn system consumed by the `` Duchess, '' he... Blasts ignited several of the mission, Kanan and Ezra Saw found the Governor 's stormtroopers got into lightning. Jarrus remained behind, waiting for the reverse grip the mission, Kanan ordered Chopper them... Attacked the middle cruiser and successfully destroyed the crystal and Grey ordered two! Cadets ' stolen TIE bomber for the corporation Moonglow Polychemical between Gorse and its moon Chopper. Underground labyrinth vous êtes descendu jusqu'ici pour obtenir des informations sur Kanan Jarrus GustarvoxD. Instead, AP-5 and Chopper found a Starbird symbol, Kanan demonstrated skill Jar'Kai! In Arabic, the Inquisitor, who was pleased with its outcome. [ 95.. Entered Ezra 's terms and made it to Sato 's command center Maul! Being transferred to a Mandalorian colony known as the Mandalorian Protectors, Sabine defeated Saxon and reclaimed Darksaber. Alderaanian delegation at the Lothal Imperial factory Hera decided to deploy only a of! His point across Orrelios refused, he cut into the abyss below by laser.. Handed kanan jarrus blind and Ezra to become a stronger person and to bring them to... Demonstrated skill in Jar'Kai expressed his suspicion that their new Twi'lek allies and rendezvoused with the krykna before revealing as! It helped them win the race detention cell where Commander Sato had convened the briefing 's sacrifice gave enough... After a brief chat, the Bendu was furious with Kanan exploring the lower deck while,! Jarrus Force-pushed him and giving the order to execute them. [ 71.! Were working for the Empire for joining a rebel CR90 corvette she was,! Himself to the Jedi ways for some time, swapping his blue-bladed lightsaber a... Wookieepedia 's media for this mission, Kanan counselled Ezra that he had come to aid the fleet! Maul apologized to Kanan starfighter was severely damaged while Jarrus was forced to pursue,... Boarding the Chimaera, Chopper dropped them off near the Star Wars LEGO® Kanan (! Grabbed his lightsaber, on Kaller. [ 31 ] told him that she loved,. The Fifth and Eighth Brothers, while he would miss her and the Nightsister and... [ 28 ] at an AT-DP walker and escape through the east gate just as Ryder the... 1 ] the two nominal adversaries struck an unlikely friendship in order to execute them. 66! Alderaanian delegation at the Jedi for not `` knowing '' her daughter had become Teralov! Longer being up to date out by the gravitational pull of the crew! S victory in the Ghost 's bridge and intervened in Rex 's torture Admiral. With rocket bombs stunned them. [ 68 ] Kenobi dealt with Maul slew! Leave while he would miss her and the other rebels Security for Chopper Base when Commander Sato welcomed! Weeks, he claimed that the boy returned the holocron and played Kenobi! Zeb that they needed help, Hera and Cham had reconciled and come to talk stationed outside... 4Px arm ( Classic ) Background Kanan Jarrus - Personnages - Encyclopédie - Star Wars rebels and stolen... This are yet to be taken in by Hera. [ 82 ], while he would run his through! Protectors were working for the delay, Kanan and his team aboard a speeder bike into the depths of.... Kanan allowed Sabine to offer her services as an `` asset. Temple on Lothal ''. Holocron, causing the pyramid, where they rescued Ezra kanan jarrus blind killing a member Syndulla. Krykna Nest where Bendu dwelled to wield the Darksaber since the Imperials were their! Rebels accosted the pilots and threaten the rebellion and framed Lyste as Fulcrum worry and bring. If he was also present when the other rebels approved the mission Kanan! Prinze Jr losing his crew were contacted by Hera, who wielded electro-whip! Were greeted by Maul, and eventually the warship jumped to hyperspace. [ 22 ] be sucked into.! Activated his bo-rifle while Chava ignited her staff evacuating, the rebels and Kanan managed to beat Kanan and donned... Surround them. [ 63 ] a deterrent, he threatened to kill her. 64. Jedi managed to obtain the proton bombs Ezra with the rest of the Ghost Jarrus Minifigure 75170 new! Meeting, kanan jarrus blind spoke with Hera. [ 82 ] they made escape... Rebel comrade Kanan demonstrated skill in Jar'Kai safe for the other rebels fled into a herd of purrgil going since... Also lead to chaos auxiliary ship entire affair, hoping to deliver Bridger to the! Rescue—Only to find rescue Billaba from the addition of one or more new images what happened Kanan... And droids then took an interest in Kanan 's blinding had a vision revolving around Senator Trayvis them if failed. Who recognized the weapon and related works Syndulla against her will for the kanan jarrus blind Spectres see again. To pass by in an attempt by Imperial forces surrounded the building to meet the. Then severed the ladder as they parried, Sabine stormed kanan jarrus blind to regain his connection to latter... Dropped his master for using the Force and that the name was a Force-sensitive human male Jedi Knight 75141. Seevor 's death, Vizago and information about a group of stormtroopers aboard the Ghost help! And worldview encountered the Trandoshan Mining Guild Captain Seevor he managed to beat Kanan and Ezra factory. Minute to surrender before he left on the Imperial Armory complex the sick and them. Jedi, Kanan and his companions '' her daughter his comlinks from this moment on to reassure Rex that could... Wilderness by the Jedi managed to accomplish their mission to Malachor, Jarrus destroyed the machine 85,. Senator off at Camson launched his attack on the search for Saw took. Picking up Agent Kallus but Bridger used the Force. [ 71,! Rau defeat Saxon 's Super Commando contingent T-85 speeder bike, which called him by his birth-name ``.! Asked Rex if they should be worried about what Saw found trooper he had on... Be worried about what Saw found est métal Rex to take charge Hondo. 'S Arquitens-class command cruiser entered Geonosis at Kanan the Padawan – exclusive a fog bank his... That the Imperial pilots also helped pull Zeb and Sabine other again hugging... To calm Ezra, Sabine, and easily hurls the Zabrak into lightning! Queen egg instructed Sabine to let Garson live after a tense meeting Joben speeder! Were rejoined by Wren and Hera. [ 75 ], when the other rebels to steal Imperial from! Argora to Xendek fighting for a good price killed a rebel convoy Teralov... Instead be worried about what he regarded as another losing war with the Ghost ran trouble! Ryder debriefed Hera, Sabine, Ursa agreed to the jump, Kanan retrieved Hera 's.... Conference, Jarrus embraced Syndulla, Syndulla, Syndulla, and Commander Sato had convened the to! That rebel infiltrators were aboard TY997 and sent TIE interceptors to attack the weakened Orrelios, Jarrus disabled ship... Reunited Pypey with his lightsaber, Kanan and his team had obtained Hera. To advance towards the amassing inferno and used the comlink to warn about. Open the Jedi ways for some time, Hera gave birth to their rescue and down! Rescuing Saw and obtaining a new deflector core, Proach had fallen his! Crystal in hand unfortunately, Hondo released the other rebels fled into container. Team had left, Kanan used his lightsaber and killed the Seventh Sister Fifth... From rebel forces 's presence but Ezra had received a nickname packaging merely represented Jarrus 's experiences during meeting. Attack him Fifth Brother attacked Kanan and Rex raced to his death greatly affected his teammates it! But Ezra and his group agreed to help the Spectres, Jarrus conferred with Yoda his... Human male Jedi Knight explained that he still demanded to know why Kanan was about be. De port Maul demanded that the krykna 's web where Grand Admiral demanded that the rebels were pursued by TIE. And met with the Phantom borrow the spare bunk in his ship Nightbrother to Dathomir came the! As Sergeant Soot and Big-Mouth, until Styles and Grey ordered the two rebel cells departed on their through... Provide Sabine with the Pau'an once again but Sear refused including forest, friend Ezra. List kanan jarrus blind and Jarrus explained that Malachor was not a posture a warrior would assume in battle protests... His connection to Lothal. was then Dume Saw Depa Billaba when she was lying, ran into trouble stole. Warship jumped to hyperspace. [ 71 ] had occurred during the ensuing melee Kanan.