Our sit-on-top and sit-in kayaks are light, easy to carry and transport. We continue to hope for its success, but remain disappointed. Rousing ourselves from our bankside respite we sought out the shady side of the river whenever possible, hearing a paraphrase of that Carter/Garett classic run through my head: Keep on the shady side, always on the shady side, Monocacy River - Rte 550 to Monocacy Blvd (13.3 miles) Paddlers: Topher, Brian Sill, c2g, Alan DNF04 Reid, Mike McCrea Canoes: Nova Craft Supernova, Wenonah Rendezvous, Bell Yellowstone, Mohawk Odyssey 14, Mad River Freedom Solo I had planned for one last day of on-water test paddling of the… Contact Information Maryland Dept. But before we started down river, I took a few minutes to explain a few basics. HOME. Weekend Kayak Rentals . The Monocacy River has long been a popular no-cost destination for rowers of kayaks and canoes. MAY: Sat & Sun: 11am-7pm. $37 37. per person. The east side of the Monocacy River, or left bank, begins to flood east of Frederick. Everyone from the knowledgeable employees to the joyful paddlers at Key Bridge Boathouse loves kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. The hull is so full in the ends I could park it mid-river and create a four-boat eddy for my companions. Before traveling, call your destination for any changes. Choose from private pad, grove or group rentals. The third largest tributary of the Potomac flows through parts of Pennsylvania and central Maryland. A plodder, but inoffensive. A 3-mile float from Monocacy to Douglassville. All include free parking and on-site river access. It will help us ev'ry day, it will shaden all the way We currently offer roughly 8'x8' tent pad sites, which will hold up to a 4 person family tent. Once out of earshot of the firing range we stopped for the first of several pop-top, malt hop, f-stop, sweatshop, malaprop agitprop boat swaps. River and Trail Outfitters also offers canoe and kayak rentals and lessons. ANTIQUES. Remember the centuries of people who paddled, fished, and hunted, on the Potomac River. Downtown Frederick, Maryland is just 3 miles away. There are 3 units available in the River House. You will carry your boat and gear down the access road on the left to the river, right underneath the I-80 bridge. 5: After rain events, the river may become hazardous for recreational purposes when stages are over 5 feet. Music by Mark Knopfler, " Silvertown Blues". of Natural Resources 11950 Clopper Road Gaithersburg MD 20872 410-924-2127 Website. A solid performer. JUNE thru AUG: Daily: 10am-7pm. Mouth of Monocacy to Whites Ferry is a very scenic run that stretches 7.3 miles along the Potomac River. Kayak and Paddleboard Rental Information. Scenery 9/10 Kayak Mouth of Monocacy to Whites Ferry on the Potomac River! Springtime Paddling: 8 Idyllic Destinations for Kayaking When spring weather arrives, paddlers across many parts of the United States rejoice. We'll shuttle you and your group. This is the kid that went do dental school, and succeeded financially and emotionally in life. We might also have realized that Walmart sells sunscreen, an oversight that would be paid for with bright red legs later in the day. CHOOSE AN OPTION BELOW. Weekday Kayak Rentals. all inclusive . AMERICA'S BEST KAYAK RENTAL. If you try to steer this child on the straight and narrow path, it will become balky and unresponsive. To wit: One test paddler concluded his assessment by comparing each of the hulls to the offspring of friends or family, including these analogies: One of the best parts of these test paddling trips, besides spending a day on the water with favorite companions and calling it work, is reading through everyones comments the next day, especially since the cohort of testers varies wildly in their hull preferences but are consistent in wordsmithing delightfully descriptive prose. As the colder parts of the country begin to thaw out and the… Monocacy River Canoeing Company, Frederick, MD. Site has porta potties, no other conveniences. It went to NYC and consistently gets parts in off-Broadway productions. Still the favored one who visits the parents and brings joy. Its been nearly a decade since Ive paddled the Monocacy and Id forgotten just how placidly lazy the middle section of this river can be. Yellow Breeches perhaps. Singles, couples, families, groups, and corporate functions are welcome. Don’t forget! Our Afternoon Kayaking the Monocacy River. SERVICES. Canoes: Nova Craft Supernova, Wenonah Rendezvous, Bell Yellowstone, Mohawk Odyssey 14, Mad River Freedom Solo. We paddled out into the Potomac for a ways and then back into the Monocacy. Personal instruction and rentals available. The river is very accessible with many boat ramps and access points. Shuttle set we launched from Rte 550 and soon left the noise of the road and fishermens radios behind. Looking to set out on your own adventure or day trip? From one-of-a-kind local breweries to beautiful views while sipping on area wines, paddlers and hikers will enjoy this combination of a scenic outdoor experience with an authentic local twist. Buy a copy of Gertler's Maryland and Delaware Canoe Streams and pick two bridges an appropriate distance apart. RENTALS MAY BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE AND CAN BE RESERVED ON THE SAME DAY Specializing in low impact, gentle adventures in canoeing and floating for families and groups on the Monocacy (Scenic) River The Monocacy River Trip ... Kayak Rental & Instruction. Sign up and get all of our latest news and offers. I had planned for one last day of on-water test paddling of the Royalex solo canoes, hoping to get them out again on some moving water. Personal instruction and rentals available. Bring the kids and the dog. First river trip this season. Sign up and get all of our latest news and offers. The intent was to spend the late afternoon kayaking around Stump Pass Beach State Park, but the kayak rental vendor was closed. And soon entered the bang zone. I had hoped to get on the upper Monocacy, starting just below the Mason-Dixon Line, but access issues shifted us south. If you want to see fish in the water, this is the run you want to take. Antietam Creek canoe kayak tube Trips Maps outfitter creek conditions Levels and weather.

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