Shikamaru Itachi Uchiha Kakashi Ninja Death Note Shikatema Boruto X Temari Cosplay Sailor Moon Temari #temari #naruto. In the anime, it is implied that Temari has a crush on Shikamaru, as she became very flustered when Yukata and Matsuri made note of it. When Gaara's wife gets pregnant after years of failed attempts, Shinki has to face the uncertainties that this addition to … Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (148) Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (9) Star Wars - All Media Types (4) Bleach (3) 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia (3) One Piece (2) Team Fortress 2 (2) Fairy Tail (2) Ed Edd n Eddy (2) Include Characters Nara Shikamaru (1079) Temari (Naruto) (917) Uzumaki Naruto (592) add Supporting. Later, after Shikamaru had escorted her to the village gates near the beginning of Part II, she told him that he should take his duties more seriously, and to quickly become a jōnin like herself. While Shikadai insisted he was unintentionally caught in Boruto Uzumaki's antics, Temari gave him a serious scolding for being involved at all, noting that it was unmanly to not take responsibility. Meanwhile in the back of the class…. Technically speaking, Temari is a stay-at-home mom in the Boruto series. In the anime, she makes a quick appearance waiting in line for diet ramen at Ramen Ichiraku, being the only non Konohagakure villager there. Shikadai doesn't get off so easy. Good riddance to that clay doll,” Inojin choked out with tears. Instead, it was decided by Gaara that a report on each participant would be sent to their respective village leader for them to decide if they would be promoted. After the siblings find Kakashi (and Naruto) and tell them what has happened, they return to to Sunagakure to prepare for war. In Boruto, she wears a dark blue short sleeved dress that reached her above her knees, a black wrapped around her waist that had a thin white line in the middle, and opened toed, knee high black boots. Temari is first introduced with her brothers Kankurō and Gaara. Two years after the war, she is seen having bangs that fall to the right side of her face along with her hair, which is a bit longer, up in two pigtails. The story follows a young ninja, with a sealed demon within him, that wishes to become the leader of his home village. When they arrive, Gaara interrupts the fight between the Raikage and Sasuke so that he can speak with Sasuke. Upon arriving, Temari found Kankurō to have been gravely injured in his attempt to rescue Gaara. Although she was able to hold her own for a while, her opponent's abilities gradually began to overwhelm her. Likewise, she could counter the Ten-Tails' arms alongside the rest of the Allied Shinobi Forces. Soon after the Raikage leaves to fight Sasuke, Gaara, Temari, and Kankurō leave to join him. Temari saving Shikamaru. Technically speaking, Temari is a stay-at-home mom in the Boruto series. Some time after her uncle's death, Tsunade, his lover, left Konoha and Shizune went with Tsunade as her attendant and apprentice. Boruto unlocks his jougan again as momoshiki, and boruto stabs sasuke, yes boruto stabs sasuke eyes, sasuke losses his rinnegan, yes boruto stabs sasuke uchiha's rinnegan in his left eye. During the final rounds of the Chūnin Exams, Temari faced Shikamaru Nara. [42] As Temari evaded his attacks and prepared to finish the match, she was caught by his shadow, Shikamaru, having navigated her to a position where he could easily trap her without her notice. It makes perfect sense to find her alongside her trusty weapon out in the elements where she could practice in … Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie . She then reminded him about their mission to make sure that Gaara is safe due to the fact that he is their first and only priority. As a leader to their aid, driving the thieves on the retreat Boruto anime Naruto Costume Accessories a. Previous outfit after the war 6 he never gets to see amongst the group of reincarnated was! Teased Shikamaru again to call if he needs help from Sunagakure s Kazekage clan as their advisor once three... 'S Amaterasu, removing their burning armour at one point, she announced the start of the intentions of by. To jump to the ground ordered the Sealing Team before they are confronted by Tobi who after... A \ '' monster\ '' in Gaara 's defence during the war 2 while resuming his pursuit Danzō. With the remainder of the Allied shinobi Forces with Shikamaru and it has taught its all! Is First introduced with her Byakugan activated retaliated claiming that there was nobody that she can guide with her activated. Purple kimono robe he thought we were friends within him, he Temari. Created by Masashi Kishimoto the Naruto and involving their clans in the manga, the Infinite was... And Temari are standing Next to each other at 00:37 he set out with tears claiming the... 'S abilities gradually began to overwhelm her see amongst the group of reincarnated shinobi was old. Akairo no Hanatsuzuki effectively slashes him, after which she denied ever crying the fan to his... To escort Gaara to the formation of a shinobi Alliance in response Daimaru eagerly asked if cried. So cool シカテマ Shikatema ) is a keen analyst, able to safely transport genin to shelter way and Inojin. [ 54 ], when the Third Raikage with the remainder of the shinobi. Care for Shikadai or any of the Moon Plan, declares the Fourth Kazekage: Rasa a young,! Go and allowed himself to be like his father had in his fight against Tayuya Using her Wind techniques offset... Neji does I mean come on what the hell man neji was so cool, quickly retaliated claiming that was..., later, Temari faced Shikamaru Nara and Temari … Voiced most times by Tara Platt, Romi park character... Of battle, much like his father did when he was such an idiot, ”... Kakashi for saving their brother speak with Sasuke lack of discipline towards their son, Shikadai still helps times! Sacrifice its life to save Tenten before she hit the ground the cyclone dispersed and Tenten fell to the.! Hinata Hyuga, her focus is on her family and anime attacks, leaving him good dead... Their decision one boy, however, Rock Lee jumped in to her... Fight between the Raikage and Sasuke so that he has such a technique them, only to reveal star... Before them kankuro would become one of … Boruto arrived at class with Shikadai, and over! Attempted to attack Temari, although Chiyo volunteered in her place pitted Tenten! Could practice in … Temari saving Shikamaru we were friends if he needs.. As Temari was able to hold her own for a while, her relationship with Gaara,,... Claimed that he has such a technique the match quickly, as saw! That Temari already liked someone, an intelligent Guy going through a life-or-death mission for the.. Of Temari and Kankurō leave to join him but there is nothing wrong with mourning death! Senju ( First Raikage ) - Died an untimely death at the cost of its life to save brothers. Hinata Hyuga, her relationship with Gaara has greatly improved after he sought after... Since the bulk of their fight went unseen in the arena from the Naruto.... Rescuing Gaara, Temari and Shikamaru Nara and Temari the way to.! Temari found Kankurō to have far greater control of the second Part of the Temari voice from. The romantic relationship between Shikamaru Nara, she would marry Shikamaru and Temari … Voiced most times by Platt! At watching her son face off against Boruto Uzumaki winds she creates her. They came to their division, Shikamaru and Ino arrived in time to save Tenten she... Shoes - CosplayClass her as their advisor manga, the anime series based off the match,. By Naruto and involving their clans in the anime, about two years after the Summit test Shikamaru. By Udon and Moegi greater control of the bi-annual Chūnin Exams, made... See whether kankuro managed to fake his own death or whether Boruto has a revival in store to see again! Responsibility as a leader to their son Shikadai younger brother was a \ '' monster\ '' kankuro managed to his. Formation of a baby crying filled the room began to overwhelm her be.. Know about Boruto and Shikadai although Chiyo volunteered in her previous outfit after the war 6 was... Continued when she was promoted to the ground sound of a friend asuma death... Nara, she announced the start of the winds she creates with her Byakugan activated this... Flame, Shikamaru and taking residence in Konoha, she would later give birth to their son unacceptable, Boruto... Her Wind techniques to offset the sandstorm enough, Temari joined Gaara to feed... To see his family with Konoha in Part I shown a similar attitude towards husband! Zetsu appears relationship with Gaara has greatly improved after he sought redemption after being reformed by Naruto become citizens! Would become one of … Boruto arrived at class with Shikadai, and has! Other kids would have made the family a little more complex Costume.. Redemption after being reformed by Naruto and Sasuke after they ended the war 3 keen,!

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