Worst drama!!!! Her doing that saved her from getting assaulted. It's mature and relatable. I've been anticipating this drama since HJM confirmed her casting & I'm glad that I stick with it since May. This drama has many layers but I love how it is highlighting the basic foundation of a relationship. I cannot for the life in me say the storyline was the greatest because all the confusion that happened, could have been avoided if Han Ji Min's character had been honest with herself from the start. Well i only watch it because of JHI...i loved something in the rain... i hate to say this but for me...this is the worst kdrama i've ever watch so far. Mamo Nov 21 2019 11:27 am Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance Principles. i guess she can read the future hahahahahahaha. If you only watched carefully. This drama was very disappointing and boring, it had no plot and if you watched the first episode you could probably guess correctly how the drama is going to end. yes i love her acting :D. ㅓ Jan 29 2019 5:53 pm This is more a mature story while SITR, just feel like a puppy lustful story. I mean C'MON!! Was so distracting. Go! I don't understand why the drama kept taking so long on such a simple matter just like I can't understand why people do it in general. I’m not a stranger to pain! Bölüm izle kore, One Spring Night 1 ve 2. You realize some pretty difficult things and this drama isn't sugar coating it. Mee Jun 21 2019 1:00 pm I love this drama!!! I have seen Jung-Hae-In in others dramas and he is a beautiful man and a excellent actor. And most importantly he doesn't respect Jeong In. I hate a woman who doesn't accept that they're cheating. Jinjoo Nov 03 2019 5:44 pm But she is really stubborn and annoying. also my family were more accepting lmao (praise asian families that aren't conservative and traditional!!!). in om ep 5 rn and bruhhhh jeongins dad and giseoks dad can both simultaneously suck my left third to the last toe at a 73.6 degree angle perpendicular to the ceiling and skew to wall no cap >:0. i dunno about y’all but i’m ready to see hae in play a dad TuT this is all i’ve wanted. 가이 May 25 2019 6:52 am I chose the later, John Aug 02 2019 7:29 pm Some may not get what the big deal is the stigma of a single parent in SK even for a fellow Asian. Set a wedding date? Who was Gi-seok dating in the final episode? Maybe iritating at the end like something in the rain. He deserves someone better than this girl. They kept playing the same two songs at weird and inappropriate times. NK Jun 28 2019 8:16 pm Episode 1 67m. If in reality as a man that means a lot. The fling you felt at first doesn't last forever and reality will hit you sooner or later. Let that guy find someone who actually wants to be with him instead of letting him fall deeper for you only to say, "oh, this is not working out." they praise the guys because they're pretty and they demean the women because god forbid women have flaws and make mistakes. Once love enters.....you will find all excuses and reasons to meet...the problem is you can't seems to avoid/stop the growing feelings. Can't wait for the next episode!!! The overall story was okay given that it fought against the stigma that comes with being a single parent but the development was too slow, cha Sep 20 2019 12:05 am Thank you for creating raw and brutally honest drama. Ji-ho’s basketball match with Gi-seok gets intense. Kingmuffien May 02 2019 7:10 am This is one of those dramas I will watch over and over. Some of the people in the comments must be really young and never experienced grown up relationship. The songs are significant to to the plot. And the way she dress it's always ? It is the same two song over and over!!! When I saw that a new KDrama was on Netflix of course I had to go watch it and when I started to watch this it was kinda slow and I was like I'm not going to every watch this and of course I gave it an chance and it was so interesting I was like is this how it is in Korea everyday or the struggles of being a single dad in Korea because I live in America and if their was an single dad no one would really care but I didn't know this is how Koreans react to little stuff like this and also I love the songs even though they were getting annoying but I actually really like this playlist the songs is so soothing and calm and I be in my feelings everytime I listen to these songs this Drama was emotional and a good romance KDrama. Seo-in’s announcement has mixed consequences. They know they don't love each other and Jung In is very brave to stand up to a society that's pressuring her to marry someone just because they've been together for four years. Loving this and the two main leads, Han Jimin and Jung Haein. I absolutely love One Spring Night and adore Jung Hae-In, he is totally sexy cute handsome...he is the full package?. His bride Soo Jin (Kim Ha Neul) dreams of building a family with him. Susan May 10 2020 6:27 pm shamunag Jun 01 2019 8:28 pm Yejin-fan Jan 29 2019 8:50 am He has impressive credentials like a good job as a department head at a bank, wealthy family, handsome and smart. That isn't romantic. i keep thinking about "somthing in the rain" drama, when watching this drama....similar acting similar directing. BUT! Someone not respecting your choice, constantly pursuing you, instigating drama with your family....that isn't romantic. kukonidiva Sep 05 2020 12:18 am Pink Obsessed Jun 21 2019 12:32 pm I honestly pray the older sister gets to be free of that piece of crap. Think about it. It is really bothersome to see the total lack of support from the mom which bring me to my previous comment....I gave up watching this drama ....hmmm. Second, cinematography and music used are very suitable for audiences who like calm and aesthetics, therefore for those who like things that are lively and colorful, they may not be too or not even interested in this drama. The lead actor is the same, the story is similar, and the music is also similar. Lee Tae-hak learns something distressing from Kwon Yeong-guk. the first born daughter was pressured into marrying her abusive husband (and we can read between the lines and infer that she's pregnant due to martial rape). Thank you producers for giving the role to HJM & JHI. I like this drama, even if Ji Min is irritating me with her recklessness. I wonder why son ye jin didn't accept the role huhu I really ship them in Something in the rain and some of the cast of something in the rain are in this drama too. Period. If she sexy, or wearing some fancy dress or skirt, err i think this drama will look different. But I really love the mood and tone of this drama epecially the soundtrack! i guess its not bad at all. You can see how strong their love is. gi seok said he would have rather she nagged him about making things work so he would have insisted on breaking up than finding out she had fallen for ji ho, someone he views as a inferior. The story is more captivating and mysterious, it makes you want to see what happens next just like how their minds are wandering right now thinking what could happen! Life isn't black and white sadly and things happen as you get older. I'm glad that this drama received so well that they top the ratings in the 3rd act of the series until the end because it equates that their hard work paid off. this whole realtionship feels so wrong oh my god. I'm seeing comments that this one is better than Something In The Rain etc etc. I started hating the lead character for cheating. I don't recommend this drama for you, it's just wasting your precious time. I'm glad Han Ji Min accepted this role with Jung Hae In as her love interest in the story (& vice versa). of the same actors as the previous drama and the soundtrack is basically identical (in terms of genre, vibe, and date of the music made). Im ok with it tho! I'm also glad that Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In are able to work in this beautiful project as a leading pair; they became partners who learned from each other making their scenes effective but genuine; they are also in sync with the cast & crew. Pls dont ever pair Jung Hae in to Han Ji Min. The way she act is visibly cheating. wayne Jun 08 2019 1:13 pm i love the cast so much... lately i've been watching young teen dramas and this was a nice change of pace! Tennis QT May 31 2019 4:27 am The Lead female character is so annoying!!! Janet May 23 2019 7:36 pm Sad to hear that Son Ye Jin declined this offer :(. Sia May 12 2019 6:09 pm I like how people talk what they feel about this drama. Via press release: “Dramaworld” follows Claire Duncan (played by Australian newcomer Liv Hewson), a cute if slightly nerdy 20-year-old college student who’s obsessed with Korean dramas and remains glued to the screen at every opportunity, following her favorite leading man, Joon Park (played by Sean Richard Dulake of Korean dramas “Feast of the Gods” and “Athena: Goddess of War”). One Spring Night didn’t take off like Something in the Rain. Or it just may be that spring is in the air -- and anything is possible. this drama didn't fail to deliver palpable dialogues and giving me the unnecessary butterflies. manhandling her, hurting her, leaving marks all over her body...he probably has raped her as well. Gi-seok baffles Yeong-guk and Tae-hak by insisting that he’s going to marry Jeong-in. Ji-ho asks whether Jeong-in would like to meet his parents. I also like the character build of both the leads as they are experiencing new things. Horribly depressing storyline. They're both making mistakes and having frank conversations owning up to it. The series resembles more the French or British TV series in the scenario, the acting, etc. Knetz has been debating whether the latest episodes showed 'cheating' since Jung In is still in a relationship with her bf (in wary status btw) while having these moments with Ji-Ho; both of them kind of have a curiosity with each other & Ji-Ho obviously attracted to Jung-In. I love him in these kinds of roles. I feel so bad for him. Of course, the fact that this show exists indicates that Koreans are challenging that attitude in their society. One thing is knowing how things in life and in relationship should go another thing is reality and being overwhelmed by your own feelings and not seeing clearly and with sense what is the right thing to do be it in a certain situation or overall. av Jun 16 2019 11:12 am Third is the female lead. Lara May 28 2019 9:53 pm Bruh Jun 09 2019 3:19 pm But anyway, the beginning episodes' premise of 'cheating' is still cheating. There are too many Korean dramas available but I always watch Han Ji Min's dramas & movies because she is very wise in choosing them. sera Apr 27 2019 9:43 pm Realistic. I think they're well suited for each other. bebe Mar 29 2019 8:36 am Women outright refusing it but men don’t seem to register line of communication. Luckily the side plots are interesting so that’s a plus. Or it just may be that spring is in the air -- and anything is possible. if you are looking for a new drama to watch. Gad! But in the drama the girl is opening all opportunities, she still have the guts to get annoyed to ji ho when she's the one calling him to meet as an excuse!! The lead female Han Ji Min as Lee Jeong-In sucked and didn’t find any chemistry between the 2 leads. The cast is half the same, the music not as haunting but similar style and the street shots. i love this drama that show you the real side of human. Hae in is always passionate with his roles, But they don't have have chemistry at all. Jeong In and Ji Ho will be happy forever even if it gets difficult in the futur. and for han ji min's acting.. it's daebak as always!! !he's a very good actor!! he's so handsome and his character in this drama is so boyfriend material. well it hasn't really shown yet but there's a possibility), expectations. have looked for the guy. window.W4GRB = new Object(); I really liked the relationship the 3 sisters had with each other. Jess Feb 29 2020 11:02 pm She's good in acting but her clothes are always old fashion. I don't even know how he can fall in love with such a selfish boring cheating librarian. It may be a bit slower than the usual fast paced drama-filled plot, but isn't that how real life is. She looks like an old lady.... awful clothes!!!! But sad to see the episode ratings as mentioned above. I was with one and i was one, and im not proud of it hahahaha.. It is quite refreshing and pleasing to see a drama different than the majority and very high in quality. Jasmine Sep 26 2020 1:48 pm Jeong-in has a candid conversation with Ji-ho about what they want from each other, but when she seeks advice from others, things get more clouded. Thank you One Spring Night for the warm spring-like story that you brought to me. I had to fast forward through many of the slow scenes with the same songs. No Direction - Rachael Yamagata The music is so irritating, that I would rather go to work and get Covid 19.
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